Muriel’s Musings: Short Drinks & Undersized Husbands

  • Posted on: 30/06/2019

 This week Muriel enjoys some time ‘dans le jardin’ Just Some Days There are days when one revels in being an international woman of design who means business, not to mention leading charity organiser and semi activated agent for the …

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The Magic of a “Muriel Summer”

  • Posted on: 21/06/2019

In My Glasgow Full Fronted Villa “Good morning Mrs Wylie, here is the post and your coffee-chino.” “Thank you, however, I think you mean cappuccino Mrs Travers, my faithful woman what does but not a lot.” “Exactly Mrs Wylie, I …

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Jasper “In Search of London”

  • Posted on: 14/06/2019

This week finds The Wylies in London. It’s June 1959…. “When a man is tired of London he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford. Dr Johnson (who was not a Shakespearean writer, …

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Muriel’s Musings: Small Annoyances and New Delights

  • Posted on: 06/06/2019

This week we are joined by Muriel Wylie, an honour indeed. It is June 1959 and the Wylies are in Glasgow…. Stately as a Galleon As you know dear readers I am not a woman who is easily irritated. I …

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