A Sunday in Greenwich Village, 1960

  • Posted on: 08/05/2020

 This week we look back to May 8th 1960 in New York as Sebastian settles down to read his letter from his uncle, Jasper. Brunch, Eggs Over Easy and The Joy of Corduroy It is a Sunday the world over …

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  • Posted on: 03/05/2020

In Blythswood Square, RSA Club “Morning Mr Wylie,” “Good morning to you Agnes, you are up and about early or is it late? In your line of business it’s hard to tell.” “Och Mr Wylie you are a caution. Strange …

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A Gin & Tonic for the Nation: Part 3

  • Posted on: 25/04/2020

 It is April 1960. Elvis Presley has returned from military service in Germany to film GI Blues in Hollywood. Also, in the United States this week has been French President Charles De Gaulle where a million people welcomed him with …

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More Handy Hints From Muriel

  • Posted on: 18/04/2020

Muriel writes from a perspective of 60 years ago, advising on what to do to survive a crisis should one happen…. Setting the Scene It is April 1960. In America at the 32nd Academy Awards ceremony Ben Hur has won …

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