Jasper’s Jottings: The Cold War Blooms

  • Posted on: 06/09/2019

Navigating One’s Way Through The Seasons Rural life has its rhythms marked by the seasons and within these seasons there are various fixed points which help the rustics to navigate their way through their time on earth. Signs of Future …

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Up The Garden Path

  • Posted on: 29/08/2019

It is late August 1959 and this week Muriel and Jasper and some of their friends are guests on that popular B.B.C. Home Service “Scottish” panel show “Up the Garden Path”.  B.B.C. Home Service –  (Scottish) Continuity Announcer Begins “And …

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Jasper’s Jottings: Nothing Gets In The Way Of The Flower Show

  • Posted on: 23/08/2019

The next exciting instalment of the Muriel & Jasper blog highlights the tension between East and West through the 1950s. This week is  we find Jasper on the grouse moor….. Interrupted Contemplation of a Tart   I was just reading …

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“Old” Tom Morris joins the Artemis portfolio

  • Posted on: 18/08/2019

We’ve added a new character to our portfolio – “Old” Tom Morris. Old Tom was born in St Andrews and is seen as the founder of the modern game. We were approached by Spectra Scotland to provide “Old” Tom for …

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