Nor’ester and Roses

  • Posted on: 18/12/2020

As 1960 approaches its end in the world of Muriel & Jasper, we that live in the 21st century learn that there is nothing new under the sun! A Treat with Mrs Travers “Well, that’s us almost ready Mr Wylie, …

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A Guide to Christmas for Mrs Chatterjee

  • Posted on: 13/12/2020

A run down on Christmas preparations from the pen of Muriel Wylie set in a world 60 years ago. In The Way “I hope I am not in the way Mrs Travers (our woman what does but not a lot)?” …

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A Bit of Exercise With Muriel

  • Posted on: 04/12/2020

This week we join Muriel on her own at the Rural Bolthole…. Dr Payne Gives Some Helpful Hints Glad you could join me on my walk in the country this morning. I decided that I needed a couple of days …

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Mrs Chatterjee’s Liver

  • Posted on: 29/11/2020

This week the blog makes some interesting discoveries….Join Muriel 60 years ago in the rural bolthole. A Dash To The Cloakroom And A New Face Those and such as those have returned to Muriel’s from Church for “a debrief”, a …

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