Muriel’s Musings on The Beginning of June

  • Posted on: 07/06/2020

“Just because it’s June, June, June…”  (Oklahoma, Rogers and Hammerstein) Tatties and Holes in Shoes May has been a most beautiful month. It is often the case in this part of the world. June usually arrives along with a deluge …

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Shed Time with Jasper

  • Posted on: 29/05/2020

  An Easy Trail to Follow  “Good morning Mr Wylie, can I come in?” “Yes, Mrs Travers. How did you know I was here in the shed.” “Simple Mr W. I just followed the smell o’ Old Spice and Tunnocks’ …

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Muriel’s Musings: Beauty in Adversity

  • Posted on: 22/05/2020

“If you are sad add more lipstick and attack.” Coco Chanel Back from the Royal Wedding “Good morning Mrs Wylie. I have brought your hot water and lemon and The Glasgow Herald for your perusal.” “Pressed?” “Of course Mrs Wylie …

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Muriel Wylie at the Royal Wedding, May 1960

  • Posted on: 16/05/2020

Common Like Jasper It has been a simply marvellous day here in that London. I am writing to you dear friends and readers of ‘The Glasgow Lady’ from the Imperial Hotel in Russell Square while the sights and sounds of …

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