Muriel’s Musings: Being Marvellous On a Budget in 1959

  • Posted on: 24/03/2019

 Muriel, A Gloriana for Our Times I find myself caught between a rock and a hard place. On the one hand I face increasing demand by the international community for my services and yet I also feel a duty to …

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Scandi Travels – Part 2

  • Posted on: 15/03/2019

Captain Sven and the Joys of Baltic Air “Ladies and gentlemen, this is Captain Sven, once again, tall, handsome, bronzed and blond as ever. We are currently flying over some snowy bits and the temperature outside is very bracing. So …

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The Other Mary, 12 and 13 March

  • Posted on: 12/03/2019

Welcome to Edinburgh Castle. Everyone knows about Mary, Queen of Scots, but what of her mother Marie de Guise. For 2 days only, you have the chance to meet the other Mary, and discover a little more about her.   …

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Scandi Travels: Part 1

  • Posted on: 10/03/2019

Time: 2019 Place: Almost Stockholm quite near Scandinavia & very close to Europe, which Britain is Not A Modern Concept in a Country Going Back in the Day There has been great excitement in the Judy Garland Wing of the …

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