Muriel’s Musings: At Home 1897 and 1961

  • Posted on: 11/04/2021

Spring has sprung and 60 years ago housewives were faced with the task of Spring cleaning. Here is a peek into that world…. Spring Cleaning “That’s me back wi’ the messages Mrs Wylie. I managed to get well fired rolls …

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Muriel’s Musings: Good Friday 1961

  • Posted on: 02/04/2021

We take you back 60 years to the world of Muriel & Jasper Wylie, two favourites from the Theatre of Artemis. It is 3pm, Good Friday; the fashionable West End ladies of the parish are just leaving the parish church …

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Down and Up – the new Glasgow

  • Posted on: 28/03/2021

A Wee Refreshment at the Club “A restorative brandy if you wouldn’t mind Andy.” “Not at all Mr Wylie and might I enquire after the simply marvellous Mrs Wylie?” “Indeed, thank you. My lady wife will join me later. She …

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Of Rice and Men

  • Posted on: 19/03/2021

More Clubs in Glasgow Than You Can Imagine. In Glencoe, a member of the Perth Mountain Club has been found dead and two Glasgow students are missing. On the east coast of Scotland two anglers have drowned at Eyemouth, when …

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