Being Simply Marvellous at Sea with Prof. Faye Hammill

  • Posted on: 19/02/2024

Throughout 2023 we worked with Prof. Faye Hammill to provide costumed interpretation for her Ocean Modern project based around Canadian Pacific’s Empress of Britain ship, launched at Fairfield shipyard in 1955 by Queen Elizabeth. The ship was then fitted out in the yard.  She made her maiden voyage from Liverpool on to Montreal on 20th April 1956.

The culmination of our work resulted in two events held at Fairfield Heritage Centre in the former Boardroom of the shipping company. The Doors Open Day Event in September was based around preparation for the Queen’s arrival for the launch. In November, The Being Human Festival event was also held at Fairfield Heritage. This focussed on the manners and etiquette of being at sea on an ocean liner. Being set in the 1950s was of course the perfect opportunity for our character, Muriel and Jasper to demonstrate to everyone how to be simply marvellous at sea!

For the last event Faye commissioned a film by Alison Hutcheson of Woods Noble Video in which Muriel and Jasper can be seen showing everyone just how they should behave on the high seas – even the VIP guest learnt a thing or two.

Here is your chance to find out all about it also.