Jasper’s Jottings: Nothing Gets In The Way Of The Flower Show

  • Posted on: 23/08/2019

The next exciting instalment of the Muriel & Jasper blog highlights the tension between East and West through the 1950s. This week is  we find Jasper on the grouse moor….. Interrupted Contemplation of a Tart   I was just reading …

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“Old” Tom Morris joins the Artemis portfolio

  • Posted on: 18/08/2019

We’ve added a new character to our portfolio – “Old” Tom Morris. Old Tom was born in St Andrews and is seen as the founder of the modern game. We were approached by Spectra Scotland to provide “Old” Tom for …

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Jasper’s Jottings: A Lot to Grouse About

  • Posted on: 16/08/2019

The Muriel & Jasper blog was begun as an experiment to see if we could engage those who would not normally read a “history blog”. We have covered many topics of the 1950s, and there will always be nuggets of …

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Muriel’s Musings: A Resolution of Past Misdemeanours

  • Posted on: 09/08/2019

This week Muriel sorts things out for Mrs Travers and acknowledges her family’s wrongs. Kismet It is not often these days that I get the upper hand with Mrs Travers, our daily woman what does but not a lot, especially …

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