Alone with Mrs T

  • Posted on: 03/05/2019

Some more Bon Mots, this week from Jasper May 1959  Breakfast at the Rural Bolthole “Could you manage another piece of flat sausage Mr Wylie?” “Indeed I could Mrs Travers, especially if it could be teamed and some more scramble …

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May – The Month of Mary

  • Posted on: 01/05/2019

May 1st sees the launch of a new event with Historic Scotland – The Month of Mary. This of course features the one and only Mary, Queen of Scots. Her Grace will be visiting key sites associated with her life …

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Muriel’s Musings: Colour Matters

  • Posted on: 19/04/2019

Coffee in Dalys Yoohoo… I’m over here in the corner on the velvet covered seats reserved for Glasgow ladies of the most stylish disposition. I have just ordered another cup of coffee, Kenyan High Mountain, they get it in pour …

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The Other Mary at Edinburgh Castle, 14 and 15 April

  • Posted on: 14/04/2019

Who is this “other Mary”? Mary of Guise married James V and in 1542 gave birth to a little girl. Come along to the Great Hall of Edinburgh Castle and meet Mary of Guise, mother of Mary, Queen of Scots.