Muriel’s Musings: Green Fields

  • Posted on: 21/09/2018

Sir when you have seen one green field you have seen all green fields. Let us walk down Cheapside Samuel Johnson  The Newspaper Reading Habits of Moths I am quite glad to be out of the house (even if it …

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What the Best Dressed Renaissance Man Wore

  • Posted on: 19/09/2018

The following information refers to men of high rank. Boys Until boys reached the age of between 5 to 7, they wore skirts. They could still be indentified as boys and not girls as they wore hats that were a …

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Evacuees at National Museum of Rural Life, 18-20 September

  • Posted on: 17/09/2018

It’s the 4th September 1939. It’s the first day of school for many evacuee children. What will the day hold for them? Come to the National Museum of Rural Life where Miss Moffat will be waiting for you – your …

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Linlithgow Palace, 15 & 16 September

  • Posted on: 14/09/2018

A Guest at the Palace   It is claimed that in the time of James V, the fountain at Linlithgow Palace ran with red wine. The question is will it do the same for Prince Charles Edward Stewart this weekend. …

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