We  provide training in museum and heritage related topics for professionals and volunteers in the sector. All our courses are tailored to meet your training needs and are not “off the shelf, one size fits all”.

Recently we delivered the training session at the launch of the “My Heart’s in the Highlands” project aimed at tying in the tangible heritage with the intangible elements that draw visitors to this area. Our session was aimed at helping the smaller museum and heritage sites of the area to feel confident about running events. Our course was well received.

Comments from the day:

The event planning with Artemis was the most useful part of the day as it was fun, relevant and very enjoyable.

The session led by Jackie Lee of Artemis was the centrepiece of the day and was well structured. It gave a number of useful pointers on how an event can be created and staged.

In the afternoon we were part of a group session on the use of social media as a tool for marketing heritage events.

Events and social media marketing are my particular interests, so this was most useful.

The areas in which we have delivered training are wide and varied but all reflect our expertise in the field of museum and heritage interpretation. We have a varied portfolio of clients including The Tallship in Glasgow, the volunteers of Renfrew Museum and the Lake District Interpretation Forum. We have also successfully mentored individual artists on the use of social media to promote their work.

I am no longer afraid of twitter and have already gathered a lot of followers – thanks Artemis

Excellent, enthusiastic and experienced trainer                                        

Good ideas that cost little that you could put into use at onceTraining group in Shetland

Dr. Chris Lee of Artemis Scotland delivered an 8 week bespoke training programme for us, preceding the opening of Renfrew Community Museum. The fully interactive training programme covered everything from researching social history and objects, telling the story behind objects, the aims of a community museum, creating an exhibition and using the written word. This training programme was exceptionally interesting and inspiring, the interactive nature of the course encouraged us to develop and challenge ourselves and our preconceptions of what we could achieve.
William Clauson, Chair of Renfrew Museum Group

New History for Health Courses

Artemis now provides a range of services to enhance the lives of older people and to help provide positive change for individuals and organisations that are privileged to provide that care and wellbeing. This includes the heritage industry, museums, multicultural groups, health care professionals and charitable organisations.

 “When I think of my memories I feel alive” Making the connections

In the rush to attract younger audiences we sometimes forget that museums, galleries and heritage sites have untapped audiences of older people. They also have a vital role to play in the care and well being of vulnerable people with memory and cognitive issues such as dementia. They provide unique sensory experiences as well as opportunities for social engagement. This day course looks at how in a practical way museums can play a role in promoting dignity and well being.

“Tell them I used to be somebody once”

This is a day course and workshop for dementia Champion Nurses and other health professionals interested in the care of older people with memory and cognitive impairment.  Here we examine the importance of biographical knowledge and historical context as part of personalised care and a dignified later life.  We look at case studies and we also look at practical ways of engaging with those we care for.

Chris Lee has made huge contributions to the work around training nurses to become Dementia Champions. His common sense approach is felt by the trainees to be the turning point in their understanding of caring for a loved one with dementia.

Chris has contributed to vital areas of work around dementia that impacts on families.  His efforts to improve the experience for those that find themselves in similar situations are delivered with intelligence, common sense and a mix of sadness and laughter.
Carolyn Little, Project Manager, User & Carer Involvement, Dumfries and Galloway

One of the most thought provoking and inspiring discussions we had during the Dementia Champions Programme related to the presentations by Artemis Scotland.
Jo Oliver, Nursing Lecturer at the University of the West of Scotland