The Art of Conversation, St Cecilia’s Hall, 23rd November

  • Posted on: 16/11/2019

It is 1763 and you have been invited to attend a concert at St Cecilia’s Hall, Scotland’s famous, newly-built concert hall. You have the perfect outfit. Your accessories (including a beautiful fan) are all of the latest style. You have arranged your sedan chair to take you to the new concert hall… but, do you know your manners?

Georgian Chris

Join us on 23 November for a fun lesson in Georgian etiquette and elocution. Learn how to present yourself with poise, express yourself with elegance, and demonstrate the best deportment. Two well-known Georgian actors and elocution teachers, West Digges and Mrs Sarah Ward will guide you on your journey. They will  teach you how to ‘mind your Ps and Qs’ in Georgian times and how speak with the best King’s English. Attendees will also learn how to communicate without words with a special ‘Language of the Fan’ session.

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