Artemis has developed its own unique style of delivery to enhance the visitor experience.

Our approach is based on two decades of experience delivering costumed interpretation and training for organisations across Scotland. We do this by providing a range of characters who present visitors with a memorable experience by engaging, involving and entertaining them through activities and demonstrations. These characters communicate to visitors by using a range of drama techniques drawing on key topics from the sites at which they are based, the events that took place there and the characters who made these events happen. We are keen to promote the human and social aspects of Scotland’s history and believe this can be done in part by telling stories which are engaging, entertaining and memorable.

Our range of services reflect the expertise of our staff who work across the museum and heritage sectors. We have gained considerable praise for our work in our use of objects as tools to unlock the past. Much of our work is with national organisations. We provide services to public programmes, learning workshops with schools and feature regularly at Edinburgh Castle.

One cannot re-enact history as the unique set of circumstances arising in any one time or place can never be recreated. However, these circumstances can be re-imagined and provide an excellent means of opening a door on the past and glimpsing what lies behind the building, heritage site or museum exhibition a visitor finds they inhabit for a short period of their time. Text and high tech interactive interpretations have their role, but nothing quite takes the place of human connection.

Enjoy our website and we look forward to hearing from you. Let us help you tell your stories.

Our clients include  Historic Environment Scotland, The National Museums of Scotland, Edinburgh World Heritage, the Scottish National Portrait Gallery, The National Trust for Scotland, The Scottish Forestry Commission, The National Library of Scotland, The Burns House Museum Dumfries, Perth Museum, The Peoples’ Palace Glasgow and other local authorities and heritage organisations across Scotland.